Same Shot, Different Day

It wasn’t guns that killed those kids – it was a young man’s mental health.
It wasn’t guns that killed in Vegas – it was that gambler’s sense of self.
It wasn’t guns that killed in Newtown – we lost daughters, teachers, sons.
We shouldn’t rush to judgment, BUT – it wasn’t guns, it wasn’t guns.

The teachers and the students saw the warnings – but should have done more.
We let folks buy AR-15s – in case we need to go to war.
It’s mental health that needs to be addressed – and then we cut the budget.
We claim it’s time to move the needle — then don’t even try to nudge it.

We offer thoughts and prayers – as if that somehow makes pain disappear.
What once was thought as safe is now a warzone – going to school in fear.
We say this has to stop – while pushing for our guns to cross state borders.
Those new gun laws you say we need to pass? None would prevent disorder.

And after every shooting, there’s an increase in gun proliferation.
“Stand Your Ground” has taken over as the motto of our nation.
Evil triumphs when good men, it’s said, do nothing in response.
Homilies are offered, masking legislative nonchalance.

School shootings generate in all a horrified reaction.
“Something must be done!” we cry – and yet there’s nothing but inaction.
“There’s no easy solution,” claim politicos – well, here is one:
Reject the goddam NRA. If not, your time in office: Done.

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