The program providing nutrition assistance
Is suddenly meeting some kind of resistance.
Instead of allowing to use EBTs,
Uncle Sam will supply our groceries.

“A box like Blue Apron,” Mick Mulvaney says.
So people don’t waste stamps on sugary Pez.
It’s been named already – “America’s Harvest Box.”
Replacing what works with the unorthodox.

We all believe this: it’s our own right to choose.
Like who we should vote for, or getting tattoos.
We live, it is said, in a land so abundant
A bounty of choices, with so much redundant.

But for those who straddle the poverty line,
This new approach just must sound so asinine.
A box filled with canned food that’s been pre-selected,
For menus that somebody else has directed.

For sure it’s a grand and a most noble mission
To try and improve upon daily nutrition.
But doesn’t the Bill of Rights include a coda
That guarantees access to sweet, fizzy soda?

Back in the days when we all were much younger
We turned up our nose at some foods, despite hunger.
Vegetables, beans, liver – set out to please,
But quickly rejected – “I want mac and cheese!”

So – is this a way to eat better, or is this
A massive intrusion, all up in our business?
It sounds like Big Brother, with White House as venue
Is certain the poor cannot plan their own menu.

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