Any Porter in a Storm

A picture’s worth a thousand words – but in a couple dozen
Trump managed to make Porter sound just like a wayward cousin.
“He says he’s innocent” – that’s all we really need to know.
“We wish him well; he worked real hard; we hate to see him go.”

When allegations like this fly, Trump’s thoughts fall in two camps –
“Not guilty until proven,” or else, “All those dames are tramps.”
A claim of innocence must mean the facts are not yet known:
There’s no way he could do something that none of us condone.

While Porter said his actions some could think unsavory,
He did not offer details of his acts of knavery.
For months it seems that many knew about actions amiss,
But not until that picture surfaced did it come to this.

John Kelly said just forty minutes after he found out,
He took steps to remove the man, by virtue of his clout.
A man who spent months, often with Trump in a joint appearance,
And yet could not pass muster to get full security clearance.

Still hoping that this wretched man will have a great career;
Ignoring what these women felt – their angst, their pain, their fear.
Denying allegations, casting scurrilous aspersions,
While crying “Fake news!” endlessly to generate diversions.

“The truth will out” – but not if Trump can help it, will it be.
Why tell the truth when easier to tell an l-i-e?
It seems, rather than drain the swamp, Trump’s mired in the muck.
He hires staffers who all act like they don’t give a fuck.

Was it not just weeks ago that Trump gave a big speech,
Saying once more greatness was so close, within our reach?
Porter reached – to pull Wife Number Two out of the shower.
Like his boss, and boss’s boss – a man abusing power.

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