Getting down on one knee, he keeps telling us, is bad.
And here’s some other disrespect the Prez thinks is quite sad.
If you don’t applaud whenever our Dear Leader speaks,
He will call that “treasonous” (while blaming Schiff for leaks).

If you’ve ever watched the speeches Presidents give yearly –
Crafted to elicit all the plaudits they crave dearly –
You have seen one party or the other silently
Indicate displeasure any time they disagree.

Sort of a tradition, although in the years most recent
Seems as though responses have been frosty, and less decent.
But do you recall back when Obama spoke, some guy
Shouted out for all to hear, and told Barack, “You lie!”?

This year as he stood to give his annual address
Dems found Trump’s oblige was often lacking in noblesse.
Little did they think, through adulation they refused,
Of treachery, subversion, and deceit they’d be accused.

Donald Trump says if you disagree with him, you’re wrong —
While his grasp of facts is squishy as a scuppernong.
If you don’t applaud when he speaks, then you are a traitor.
(Even though he’s known to be a serial fabricator.)

If that accusation wasn’t bad enough, he then
Also said failure to clap was un-American.
Here is a suggestion; it’s bi-partisan – his yapping
Could be put to rest with sounds of only one hand clapping.

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