A Mighty Hoax Has Fallen

Did you see the Nunes memo? It totally vindicates me.
Completely shuts down those who continue to berate me.
No collusion, no obstruction – nothing here to see.
This should halt Investigation by both Mueller and F.B.

Thank goodness for the GOPers on that House committee.
Their combined intelligence is almost equal to me.
The Dems said “Nope!” but they aren’t the majority.
A show of hands – we won, they lost – to exercise authority.

This whole damn thing came from a dossier so tainted.
When I first heard about it – Jesus Christ! I almost fainted.
A very ugly picture of my campaign had been painted,
Not to mention hookers filmed as they both urinated.

But now my buddy Devin has debunked these allegations.
And I can get back to my job of plundering this nation.
Eradicating liberties with surgical ablation.
While dissing Africans, Hispanics and, of course, the Haitians.

The odds are looking better that I’ll can Rod Rosenstein,
Replacing him with someone offering loyalty all mine.
Eviscerating freedom, making DOJ benign,
While enriching all the 1 percent, along with my bloodline.

My enemies say I sow seeds that may lead to sedition.
They also say my tweets display a lack of inhibition.
So if, somehow, this farce results in further inquisition,
I’ll hop on Air Force One and fly where there’s no extradition.

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