Tomato, Tomahto…

“Shithole” or “shithouse” — the sentiment’s the same:
Whoever said it has shit for brains.
This President is prejudiced.
Surely we deserve better than this.

He’s “the least racist person” you’ll ever meet.
Despite what he says in tweet after tweet.
But he’d prefer it if you’d be a
Pretty lady from Korea.

“Just Trump being Trump,” defenders claim.
“He says what we’re thinking.” Have they no shame?
“Let people in here based on merit.”
— An immigration stick and carrot.

“Emphasis on highly-skilled;
English-speakers fit the bill.
Never mind the low-wage types.
Splits up families? Screw those gripes.”

If skill were a prerequisite,
Then Trump would not be President.
Used daddy’s coin to buy property;
Would be worth more indexed to the S&P.

Would Melania get to cross the border
Underneath Trump’s new world order?
Would Donald’s grandpa make it in?
(Made his fortune selling sin.)

Reasonable people can disagree,
But ought to do so respectfully.
There’s no need to denigrate,
Using words that unmask hate.

Cotton and Perdue were there —
Recollections splitting hairs.
“-Hole” or “-house” matters not one bit:
Trump and his defenders are full of it.

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