Not Such A Breit Future

Steve Bannon was plannin’ a GOP takeover
First step: he campaigned for Judge Roy S. Moore.
That didn’t work well – then he was a jerk, telling
Michael Wolff insider gossip galore.

Bannon dished large on the Trumps and the White House
He made some charges, both frank and salacious.
Trump called him “Sloppy,” the Mercers cut ties with him.
Quickly he fell out of everyone’s graces.

For running a website, Steve Bannon was famous:
Breitbart he ran – right down into the ground.
Once by Trump’s side, now he’s an ignoramus.
Platform gone – no more Steve to kick around.

He made his millions investing in Seinfeld.
Disheveled, just like the character Kramer.
Now he seems more like that bookie with broken thumbs –
Can’t think of anyone I’d label lamer.

Farewell, Steve B. — this is it; you’re a goner.
Wonder if he will come out of this whole?
Or will he pop up, like a zit, and allow us to
Bash him again, like that game Whac-A-Mole.

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